Viakal, Mastro Lindo and Ambi Pur: buy them and receive a refund of 100%

The multinational offer returns Procter & Gamble which offers the possibility to all users to be able to buy products Viakal, Mastro Lindo ed Ambi Pur and receive a refund of 100%. Let's find out how to do it.

Find out how to take advantage of 100% cashback for Viakal and Mastro Lindo products

In order to access the promotion you will have to buy the products indicated in the participating supermarkets. More precisely you will have to take a product Viakal, A product Mastro Lindo and another Ambi Pur.

By 7 days from the purchase you will have to connect to this page and register.

This way you can complete the procedure and, by loading the receipt data, you will have access to the cashback full of 100%. After completing the procedure you will be able to receive the cashback notification by e-mail.

The promotion will be valid until the next one December 31 2019. For more information, here's the official regulation.

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