Thermal bottle at € 1 with Eurospin: offer valid 24 and 25 July 2020

Eurospin it is not new to offers with "gift" products. Precisely for this reason we point out, once again, the possibility of obtaining - with only 1 € additional - the thermal bottle. How to get it? Nothing could be simpler, let's see it together.

Eurospin gives you the thermal bottle with a cost of 30 €

As we have already mentioned, you will have the opportunity to purchase the Eurospin thermal bottle at a symbolic cost only the 24 and the 25 July 2020. To get the product for sale for € 1, just go to the selected days and shop at the centers in at least 30 €.

Directly in the cashier, therefore after having made the shopping of the indicated value, you will have the possibility to request the bottle as a gift. However, as often happens, the stocks of the gift product are limited and therefore it is possible that the latter end before the end of the promotion.

However, Eurospin will guarantee the possibility of receiving the product to most customers: the store will in fact not allow you to receive more than one bottle for each purchase, even for multiple orders at € 30. This means, in a nutshell, that everyone can take home only one bottle with an expense.

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