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Promo PlayStation Store: discounts up to 70% and Marvel games on offer

It is not often that you find games at a lower price, so when it happens it is essential to take advantage of it. This is just one of those moments because on PlayStation Store right now there are really unmissable offers on a large number of titles, both recent and not. Don't miss these discounts!

Offers on PlayStation Store

From "Sniper Elite" to "Batman: Return to Arkham" passing through the entire "Lego Marvel" series

There really is something for all tastes among the offers we can find right now on PlayStation Store: from Shooter to Arcade, up to sports and children's games. Among the most interesting offers we certainly find:

  • Batman: Return to Arkham
    This famous title represents the remastering of two of the most famous episodes of the series of Batman, Batman: Arkham Asylum e Batman: Arkham City, updated with an even more appealing look. Yes because with Return to Arkham you will have the opportunity to get your hands on both chapters of the game based on the adventures of Bruce Wayne, superhero to defend the city from evildoers.
    70% discount for this title, impossible to miss it.
  • Lego Star Wars, Lego Avengers and Lego Batman
    Fans of bricks Lego and series The Marvel movies? You can't miss these three games from PlayStation Store offers with one discount over 78%. Although they are no longer very recent, these titles cannot be missing from the playground of a true collector, especially at the price proposed today.
  • Sniper Elite v2 Remastered
    Do you want to experience an adventure in the Berlin of World War II? With this title you will have the chance to prevent a potentially devastating weapon for humanity from falling into the wrong hands. Become a Sniper and complete the mission!
    57% discount for a title that will guarantee you a few hours of total immersion in a real war scenario, with many weapons and twists.
  • Cars 3, Grip and Absolute Drift
    There is no shortage of offers also for motor enthusiasts: at very attractive prices you can experience the thrill of high speeds with Cars 3 and Grip or experience your skills in the art of Drift. Beyond the 60% discount on these titles!

Did you not find any title of your choice among the recommended ones? There are so many others!
Inside the links below you will find dozens of games at an incredible price and worth buying, trying it.

Offers on PlayStation Store

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