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Up to 60% discount on school, university and music books with Mondadori

The new academic year is upon us, while the school year has just begun and equip ourselves with the necessary texts. For this, Mondadori has launched the discounts until 60% on books university and the 15% on the books of music e school textbooks.

Mondadori: here are the methods for a 60% discount on university texts and 15% on school books and music

mondadori discount musical school university books 2

Up to 60% discount on texts for university students and professors on Mondadori

Very interesting theoffering up to 60% for a period extending up to January 30 2021 for all testi to university e teachers on the site Mondadori.

15% discount on school books

Mondadori also discounts until 15% school books, being able to search for the texts selected for their class on the site's convenient search engine.

Up to 15% on musical texts

Finally, very good discount until 15% on the catalog of music books, with great biographies of the best current and historical artists.

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