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Save up to € 100 on home and garden products with the eBay | coupon PGARDENAPP

Summer is almost upon us and we are spending more and more time outdoors, all the more reason having a garden available. If you are intent on improving its appearance or buying new objects to embellish it and make it more usable, the eBay discount code PGARDENAPP it could be for you.

Buy the products for your garden in super discount with the eBay coupon

With the coupon in question, eBay offers the possibility to save 5% and up to € 100 on the purchase of certain products belonging to the home and garden ecosystem.

The terms of use of PGARDENAPP they are "the classics", but we see them together.

  • The coupon can be used only from app;
  • 5% discount without minimum expense;
  • Maximum discount of 100 €;
  • Coupon ends May 17th at 23.59pm.

The discount code in question will be applicable on the categories garden and outdoor items (159912 products) e Do-it-yourself and DIY equipment (631 products).

To get the discount, just access the dedicated page that you will find here and choose from the products made available in the huge selection from eBay. After choosing what to buy, when checking out, simply enter the code PGARDENAPP to save 5%.


We reiterate, once again, that the discount code will be valid only by purchasing from the app, it will therefore be necessary to log in from the same and proceed with the purchase.

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