MrDeals.it born from the desire to create an online reference point that can provide news, discount codes, Offers, promotions and much more in order to help users save money, and maybe where possible to earn, in all the sectors covered by virtual shopping.

The site is mainly divided into two sections: content in real time via a network of Telegram channels, whose operation is explained in our guide, and the static contents available at any time in the form of articles and products directly on this platform.

The staff is made up of a group of young people motivated by the passion for the web and the endless opportunities it offers to the public, some of which are often ignored or not very visible. It is with this spirit that MrDeals.it aims to reward the trust of its users with exclusive promotions in partnership with online stores and with real-time support to solve all the problems or doubts of the case.

The business model of MrDeals, whose proprietary company is Giz Srl, is based on advertisements placed via certified networks with ads.txt and the proceeds obtained through referrals positioned in some of the published content.

As anticipated, the company in charge of the project MrDeals is:

Giz Srl

Via Stella 9


Naples (Naples)

VAT NR. 01973020660

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