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Jump back to 30 years with 1984 Cam, only free for a few days

On several occasions we have reported the offers of the Play Store di Google, sometimes with games and other times highlighting apps for productivity.

Today, however, you will have the opportunity to redeem a truly unique app that will allow you to return to the past of 30 years: let's find out better 1984 Cam - VHS Camcorder.

1984 Cam changes from 1 € to free

Thanks to the app - now available for free on Play Store - you can go back to the time of the first consumer video cameras.

With 1984 Cam you can make horizontal and vertical acquisitions, black and white and faded colors. Directly from the app you can save and share videos in a very simple way, on social networks and with friends.

1984 Cam is among the best apps for VHS effects and, for very little time, it can be yours for free. All you need to access the download is click here.

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